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Created to cleanse deeply, soothe, hydrate, restore and revitalize.

AHA Multi Fruit Clay Mask
Helps dissolve excess oil, decongest pores, and gently polish away dead skin cells. The completely natural Bentonite Clay base absorbs oils, toxic substances, and impurities. Its toning action tightens pores, revitalizes, and refines the skin surface. Resulting in a brighter healthier looking complexion. Designed for normal, combination, and oily skin types.

Oxygen Treatment Mask
Invigorates the skin by stimulating circulation. Nourishes and soothes, while it helps clarify blotchy, dehydrated skin restoring a healthy tone and texture. May also be used as a professional treatment to soften the skin and make extracting blackheads and blemishes. Designed for all skin types.

Enzyme Gel Exfoliator
Dissolves excess dry, flaky skin using a proprietary, stabilized enzyme formulation that stores the enzyme in a water free base. The enzyme is activated when massaging water into it. It is non-abrasive product, and designed for all skin types.

Hydrating Marine Gel Mask
Imparts soothing nutrition, and long lasting moisture. Powerful marine humectants firm and smooth the skin. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling silky, soft, and with a radiant glow. Designed for normal and dry skin.

Honey Gel Mask
Provides soothing, healing relief for sensitive, irritated skin; and maybe used after resurfacing procedures. Natural humectants retain moisture to help keep skin hydrated. Nourishes the skin, and helps stimulate collagen production. It re-mineralizes the skin, as well as reducing inflammation. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Designed for all skin types. This product has been designed as a professional treatment.

Vitamin C Anti-Aging Mask
Delivers a highly concentrated dose of stabilized Vitamin C combined with plant and marine extracts. Imparts anti-oxidant protection, superior moisturization, firms, evens skin tone, improves skin color and texture. Re-mineralizes the skin, and reduces inflammation. Designed for normal, dry, and mature skin types. This is a professional product, and is not available for retail sale.

Cryogenic Finishing Mask
Formulated with a blend of marine proteins, vitamins and minerals, this mask imparts a cooling sensation to sensitive and over stimulated skin. Gently purifies clogged pores. As the mask hardens ingredients penetrate the skin. Firms and tightens the skin while it provides soothing nutrients. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and with a radiant glow. Designed for all skin types. This is a professional product, and is not available for retail sale.
The Skin Care Source
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